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US-8228630-B2: Conductive paths in a hard disk drive enclosure patent, US-8304731-B2: Infrared light detector patent, US-8333606-B2: Electrical connector having a terminal with a connecting section and a held section on two opposite sides of a contact section patent, US-8362253-B2: Solid forms of N-[2,4-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-5-hydroxyphenyl]-1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinoline-3-carboxamide patent, US-8371230-B2: Rail vehicle system patent, US-8533137-B2: Position resolved measurement apparatus and a method for acquiring space coordinates of a quantum beam incident thereon patent, US-6799459-B2: Gravity gradiometer and method for calculating a gravity tensor with increased accuracy patent, US-6837113-B1: Enhanced velocity estimation in ultrasonic flow meters patent, US-6958716-B2: Data processing circuit, display device, and mobile terminal patent, US-6966433-B1: Guide plated for roller-chain conveyor patent, US-7011518-B2: Contoured palatal expander patent, US-7182315-B2: Exhaust-gas recirculation valve patent, US-7323651-B2: Method for isotope separation of thallium patent, US-7341507-B1: Portable game support patent, US-7404339-B2: Probe and small sample pick up mechanism patent, US-7630762-B2: Medical device with resuscitation prompts depending on elapsed time patent, US-7726810-B2: Tilted prism for the treatment of cyclo deviation patent, US-7788138-B2: Method of developing specific content and creating standardized content from the specific content patent, US-7800763-B1: High precision measurement of the free spectral range of an etalon patent, US-8030828-B2: Piezoelectric device, process for producing the piezoelectric device, and liquid discharge device patent, US-8233020-B2: Enhanced imaging of features patent, US-8275644-B2: Generating an optimized analytical business transformation patent, US-8358471-B2: Zoom lens and image pickup device including the same patent, US-8405040-B2: Imaging detector thermal control patent, US-6634713-B2: Reclining apparatus patent, US-6654840-B1: Connection cable identification mechanism patent, US-6889955-B2: Adjustment device patent, US-7201606-B2: Wire connection structure and connector patent, US-7260263-B1: Method and system for fuzzy clustering of images patent, US-7349573-B2: Image segmentation by base point selection and wavefront propagation patent, US-7385061-B2: Furazanobenzimidazoles patent, US-7475326-B2: Error detection and correction method and system for memory devices patent, US-7525093-B2: Liquid or gas sensor and method patent, US-8177487-B2: Rotary machine balance weights patent, US-8221139-B2: Electrical connector having a ground clip patent, US-8234907-B2: Photo acoustic detector with improved signal processing patent, US-8296908-B2: Lightweight grip and method of making same patent, US-8414650-B2: Composite interbody device patent, US-6623157-B1: Electronic timepiece and method for transmitting data for electronic timepiece patent, US-6651767-B2: Container box structure in two-wheeled motor vehicle patent, US-6662341-B1: Method and apparatus for writing a windows application in HTML patent, US-6692081-B2: Methods and chair for supporting the back of a seated person patent, US-6892756-B2: Gas flow monitoring device patent, US-7002955-B1: Selective address table aging in a network switch based on application state determined from a received data packet patent, US-7195491-B1: Writing board structure patent, US-7448869-B2: Medical or dental tool holder comprising a multi-step transmission arrangement patent, US-7515379-B2: Spindle motor and recording disk drive having spindle motor patent, US-7655189-B2: Device and process for manipulation of a liquid patent, US-7815282-B2: Printhead maintenance facility with nozzle face wiper having single skew blade patent, US-7915239-B2: Process for treating lameness administration of a bisphosphonic acid derivative patent, US-8005278-B2: System and method for patient acuity driven workflow using computer-aided diagnosis of medical images patent, US-8018709-B2: Actuator for control valves and/or shut-off devices patent, US-8159228-B2: Method for determining battery internal resistance patent, US-8405120-B2: Organic light emitting diode device patent, US-7017692-B2: Drivetrain controller for a motor vehicle with at least two power units and a gear-box patent, US-7128533-B2: Vortex cooling system for a turbine blade patent, US-7152546-B2: Boat drain plug system patent, US-7191489-B1: Integrated cleaning apparatus patent, US-7235063-B2: Hypodermic injection system patent, US-7416434-B2: IDC splice connector patent, US-7697880-B2: Process cartridge and image-forming device with brush holder member patent, US-7795229-B2: Serum cholesterol lowering agent or preventative or therapeutic agent for atherosclerosis patent, US-7863578-B2: Detector for radiation therapy patent, US-7909721-B2: Fluid pressure control assembly patent, US-7947195-B2: Polishing slurry patent, US-7981058-B2: Intelligent wearable monitor systems and methods patent, US-8046264-B2: Directing post-sale supplies revenue to original dealer patent, US-8087619-B2: Active control stick assembly including traction drive patent, US-8152644-B2: Data stream processing patent, US-8189555-B2: Communications methods and apparatus for supporting communications with peers using multiple antenna patterns patent, US-8230288-B2: Data transmission apparatus and method for applying an appropriate coding rate patent, US-8246377-B2: Connector housing with integrated cable clamp patent, US-8343834-B2: Semiconductor device with a charge carrier compensation structure in a semiconductor body and method for its production patent, US-8370290-B2: Music selecting system and method thereof patent, US-8547679-B2: Apparatus and methods for coupling a filament to an electrode for electronic weaponry and deployment units patent, US-6614215-B1: Particle detection system and components thereof patent, US-6624651-B1: Kerf circuit for modeling of BEOL capacitances patent, US-2507609-A: Folding chair having a folding footrest patent, US-6647897-B1: Railway vehicle with self-supporting car body patent, US-6994587-B2: Coaxial cable connector installable with common tools patent, US-7144376-B2: Liable cardiac muscle diagnosing apparatus and liable cardiac muscle analyzing method by magnetic field measurements patent, US-7223280-B2: Surgical implants and delivery systems therefor patent, US-7275341-B1: Plant marker patent, US-7317830-B1: Background estimation and segmentation based on range and color patent, US-7353292-B2: Device and method for changing connection types between a fixed or variable state with an external switching unit patent, US-7422270-B2: Thin section sidewall assemblies for vans and trailers patent, US-7630358-B1: Mechanism for implementing multiple logical routers within a single physical router patent, US-7875584-B2: Detergent resistant car polish patent, US-8008319-B2: Treatment of colorectal polyps with imidazoquinoline derivatives patent, US-8137129-B2: Vehicular retractable cable systems patent, US-8360664-B2: Thermal imaging camera with a fast electromechanical shutter device patent, US-8450483-B2: Pesticidal arylpyrrolidines patent, US-7404588-B2: Vehicle door patent, US-7469603-B2: Angular velocity detector, method of detection of angular velocities using angular velocity detector, and method of fabricating angular velocity detector patent, US-7621771-B2: Device for electric connection between a portable receiver and a power source patent, US-7726777-B2: Inkjet print head and method of fabricating the same patent, US-8227430-B2: Injectable, injection solution, and injection kit preparation patent, US-8248498-B2: Photosensitive microelectronic device with avalanche multipliers patent, US-8304551-B2: Fatty acid niacin conjugates and their uses patent, US-8368284-B2: Dielectric actuator patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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