Rotary tablet-making machines


1,139,779. Rotary tablet machine. MANESTY MACHINES Ltd. 4 Jan., 1968 [13 Jan., 1967], No. 1906/67. Heading B5A. A rotary tablet making machine of the type comprising a rotary turret 13 having a die-plate 35 and formed with top and bottom punch guides accommodating respective punches 41 and 32 which co-operate with corresponding dies 37 in the die-plate 35 and means for supplying granular or pulverulent material to the dies to be compressed into tablet form by the punches is characterized in that the turret is hollow and means is provided for the circulation of a cooling fluid therethrough. The driveshaft 11 has an internal bore 67 which is coupled to cooling water supply and return pipes 74 and 75 by way of a rotary joint 76. During operation of the machine cooling water is supplied by pipe 74 and passes through the rotary joint 76, the siphon tube 78, the water inlet part 71 of the bore 67 and the radial water inlet passage 79 to the interior of the turret 13. Return flow of the water is by way of the radial water outlet passage 81, the return passage 69 in the bore 67 externally of the siphon tube 78, the spigot 77 and the rotary joint 76 to the return pipe 75.




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